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So Small, So Powerful, So Fantastic

At 30 fruit per minute, find out how just 2 square feet can juice hundreds or even thousands of oranges each day. Our amazing quick clean features will amaze you… and your staff will love the features

Commercial Citrus Juicer

Classic Series

Years of Citrocasa experience and proven quality can help you juice 1 box or 1 ton of fruit every day. The best tasting citrus juice, the most hygienic equipment, and proven reliability.

Commercial Citrus Juicer

The Ultimate Juicer


Best Tasting Juice with Citrocasa’s Soft Cut System (SCS) for dramatic reductions in peel oil, reducing juice bitterness and increasing sweetness.

"The juice the machine is giving us is the best I have ever had, and I have been tasting Fresh juice professionally for over 38 years."

Ralph Viamontes, IMG Citrus on using a Fantastic Series Juicer